ActivityPub Conf 2020 Planning Session

It’s been a while since the last ActivityPub Conference

We scheduled a planning meeting for the Virtual ActivityPub Conference 2020 …

Saturday, the 16th at 4 p.m. UTC

Join us via mumble and via IRC in channel #apconf on freenode :


Will this be bridged to a Matrix room?

You can access any Freenode room using the syntax so in this case :+1:

The Logs of the first planning session May 16, 2020: Meeting can be found here :


While we still need to solidify dates, we decided to schedule it close to fediconf without overlap-conflicts …
Is there any “Covid-Update” on fediconf ?

Ping @capmisson re fediconf possible online version.

Apologize for the delay on that.
Looking at the situation, really it’s not doable for this september.

How you see it to do it online? Which would be the format?

We do the next planning session for ActivityPub Conference around next week.
Again via mumble and IRC,

Following the planning meetings, the registration for ActivityPub Conference 2020 is now open

The Call for Papers of ActivityPub Conference closed
with 75 registered attendees.
We think about capping at 100 or 120 …

Two people asked about the state of fediconf –
probably because of the page
Is the information on the page still correct?