Any use for the semanticweb ontologies for forgefed ? DOAP for example?


Great news that forgefed is going forward and starting to have implementations and federation.

Has the use of ontologies sur as DOAP and DOAP-bugs been discussed ?

I’m not very familiar with ActivityPub but I seem to remember there was a bit of json-ld (json+linkeddata) in it, so I though of the ontologies. shows things such as “comments” “assignees” etc.

Thanks for advise/opinion.

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Hello Arthur,

I am not aware of this having been discussed. :slight_smile:

From my point of view I think that ForgeFed will leverage an own vocabulary, for better coherence in it’s object model.

ForgeFed builds on Activity Pub, which builds on Activity Streams, which builds on JSON-LD, which can be processed as RDF; so the vocabulary / onthology ForgeFed will use / create can be used similar to DOAP / DOAP Bugs.

DOAP properties might even be reused directly.
Not so sure about DOAP Bugs, it seems to be condesed (from the Bug Evolution Onthology), and for ForgeFed I think we’ll rather need an broader onthology than just dbug, for example for Merge/Pull Requests. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the hint, this made me dig a little bit deeper into OWL/RDF and the relation of JSON-LDs to that; I understand the Semantic Web is a little bit better now. :slight_smile:

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Hello @arthurlogilab and welcome :slight_smile: I’ve been looking at existing ontologies, trying to learn from them and reuse them, including DOAP, but I haven’t seen dbug before! How/where did you find it? :slight_smile:

It’s often not easy to just reuse an ontology as-is, e.g. because the AS2 vocabulary doesn’t reuse the RDF and RDFS basics, but we should definitely examine ontologies and reuse relevant properties. I’m listing here some ontologies that come to mind.

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@criztovyl thanks for the welcome. Glad to know that DOAP might be reused. I’m no expert here but from my understanding of the semantic web models one can extend an existing ontology if the model is missing some bits. Glad to have helped push ForgeFed (or some of their participants) to look into more the semantic web ontologies. Maybe my company will look further into this and maybe contribute at some point.

@fr33domlover my company (Logilab) works quite a lot on the semantic web (number of clients, and organizing a conference about it) and free software in particular which has a forge built upon this framework which has some semantic web use of DOAP included in the architecture

I knew the dbug vocabulary existed and looked for it in the LOV (Linked Open Vocabulary directory).

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