Attn: SocialHub is down

Hi all,

I am notifying that SocialHub forum appears to be down, just as we are about to go into the 3rd day of APConf. I notified @sebilasse and @how on Fediverse, but don’t know who else to contact that might be able to take a look at what is wrong with the server.

Unfortunately Feneas has nothing to do with it.
Do you mean ?

// Lukas

Ah sorry, I forgot to update in the hectic troubleshooting + APConf enjoying hours of yesterday.

The issue still exists, but a temp workaround has been found by showing a different home layout (unfortunately losing CSS style by that). Bad stuff happened when there was an error during a user account merger. The transaction failed somehow and corrupted database entries.

Here are the details:

Might be related to a bug in Discourse. If you ever need to do such merge I would be careful anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up!

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Yes, most things are now working again (only CSS). Right in time for an awesome 4th day, Category Links work #apconf2020 and so I am just proposing my stuff for the hackathon soon …

The website is and after the Hackathon we will publish the recording of the 20 Question&Answer sessions and all the Lightning Talks.
Talks on

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