Category levels and promoting subcategories

A few people have given feedback about the fact that the project they work on has been placed as a subcategory, thus limiting the usefulness of the forum for their community.

In response to this feedback, I would like to propose that we allow subcategories to be promoted to the top level in the case that a request is made and/or the category has substantial activity or requirement for subcategories.

This would ensure that the top level categories are those that are either large in scope (like protocols) or have active communities, while keeping the less active projects in the subcategories until they have the need to be promoted.

Does this sound good? Should you want a category promoted, please get in contact with the admin team here or privately. We would also be happy to push maintenance of top level categories to individuals representing those projects by granting category moderator rights.

Edit: topic url’s are not tied into categories, so promoting a subcategory wont invalidate the urls of topics. The topic urls however will change from /c/category/subcategory to /c/subcategory. Something to keep in mind.


So essentially everything is in subcategories but some will also present a link at the top level…like say the top five most active categories or something? This is a built in feature of Discourse?

Not exactly. So Discourse has two levels, “category and subcategory”. As such, if something is a “subcategory”, it cannot have further subcategories. Which sucks for some of the communities we might want to cater to. Iinitially I was thinking all individual platforms would be subcategories to keep the top level categories list smaller. This seems to be too restrictive so my suggestion is that any active communities (as in active here in the forum) could be promoted to top level categories so that they are able to fully utilize their community space.

This is what we did with forgefed already, promoting it from a subcategory of ActivityPub to a top level category.

Annoyingly, moderation it seems can only be given globally, not for a category. Discourse is turning out to be quite infexible tbh, really geared towards “single focus” communities I guess. Some discussion I found indicated better moderation levels per category are coming though.

But this means any communities with their own moderators here will need to have global moderator access given to them.

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