Debate Round Table Topics

From my point of view, would be interesting to have Debate Round Tables where to share the knowledge and points of view, some topics as brainstorming where:

  • Distributed / Shared Infraestructures
  • ActivityPub Protocol Specifications
  • Governance

A quick remark:
Since certain “ActivityPub Protocol Specifications” people can’t travel it would be nice to have an Ask Me Anything with virtual participation !

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There was already some discussion on how to stream it, would be nice to have a team taking care of all stream dont?

The whole event really needs to be live streamed. Are we trying to have the whole conf on one track? and is this more of an UnConfrence style conf or is everything set before hand?

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maybe makes more sense to have different videos for the different acts? Is there anyone willing to work on the streaming? Do you know any project around fediverse who could be interested in joining?

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I know some folks in Berlin who were working on a p2p streaming system. I will ask them for suggestions.

that would be sick, let us know pls

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