Discourse plugins list and requests

Discourse has very good support for plugins, with lots of core and community plugins available. To make this forum useful for everyone, please do suggest good and useful plugins that would help your community engage in fruitful discussion.

Current list of plugins active:

  • LDAP login
  • Solved
    • Adds possibility to mark a topic as “solved”. Can be enabled per category by category admins.

we are not able to use the ‘discourse-solved’ plugin - according to its README, it needs to be enabled by an admin explicitly per category - the plugin “settings” button as shown in the screenshot does not exist for me; and i can not access the categories settings either

Sigh, Discourse while being pretty good has a truly awfully lacking permissions model. I guess we’ll have to go by “changes to category settings by request” for now, until that improves :frowning: Unfortunately we can’t assign everyone to be an admin who owns a category. I’m starting to wonder if Discourse was the right choice for this forum :confused:

Can you and @fr33domlover ow see a checkbox on each reply in the topic that indicates the reply solves the topic? As a moderator hopefully you see it.

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@jaywink, yes, in the ForgeFed category I can now see the “solved” button under each reply. Thank you :slight_smile:

Are there good alternatives to Discourse? It seems generally good. Hopefully we won’t need to play with plugin setup much, so the enable-plugin-by-request stuff won’t happen often.

The only alternative I am aware of is Flarum, which is in beta, and I have no idea if it does permissions better, but I guess it might be worth asking from both, Discourse and Flarum?



it is so odd to see a question like “are there any other web forums?” - web forums have existed for almost as long as the internet - if you consider BBS, then even before the internet - there were and still are countless web forums - discourse is a very recent addition to the forum zoo

that being said, the only feature i care about is being able to reply from my email client - any forum that supports that is fine by me

We evaluated Flarum very quickly and were driven away by their FAQ saying pretty much “we don’t guarantee version to version upgrade being smooth due to beta nature”.

Discourse is nice except for the permission model. Probably not worth switching at this stage just because of that fault as they’re planning to improve it.

Coming! :slight_smile: Been stuck on the fact that we need an incoming email and @zauberstuhl was taking a thing called “holiday”, whatever that is!

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Hey all,

incoming mails are working now.

That said…

If you enabled two-factor-auth it will not work!
If you created your account via ldap: Make sure you change your mail address from e.g. lukas.matt@feneas.org to the email you are using for sending/replying (in my case lukas@matt.wf).

We forked the discourse ldap plugin and fixed the issue with the integration but unfortunately all existing accounts have to do it manually.



testing email reply :slight_smile: