FediConf Dates Votation

I think it would be great to put everything together on a site, which should be the domain?
Also, I agree on the list, maybe we can do a public list where we can add people who want to come as speaker and as attendant? There is a first post with some of the people who was willing to do a talk.

@wakest could you work on the website maybe? so we can dilude responsabilities or share them

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Yeah I would love to do that! I will start mocking up some ideas. Is there a chat room or other place this conf is being organized? Maybe we should start a Matrix room for it?

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#fediconf:matrix.libertalia.world is there already, will invite you, but replying here for others.


@wakest yes the riot room that @jaywink posted, might be also interesting to start creating subcategories in the forum? As per website, logistics, etc?

Please just let us (Feneas admins) know what subcategories or other things you need, plugins etc, will make it happen :slight_smile:

what do you think? Would make sense to have something like:

Logistics / Info

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Website / Media
Video Streaming Team
Code Of Conduct
Translation Team
(at the very least we should have people fluent in translation between Spanish, Catalan and English)
Rides / Transportation Issues
Couch surfing / alternatives to AirBNB (for people coming from other countries)

this a quick list off the top of my head

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@capmisson @wakest I have created the categories. Would you two want to be moderators in the forum which would give you some power to maintain the category descriptions? Unfortunately Discourse has no tools for per-category moderation, so we will have to give you site wide moderator status.

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ok that sounds good,let us know when is done

You’re now both moderators :+1:

with great power comes great responsibility yada yada


Thank you @jaywink, I take my responsibility seriously. Lets have some Conf!

We did a meeting today with @lleialtec people and will post some updates in a bit


Can’t wait to hear! Can we get more clarity on who “we” is? Having a list of all the people involved so far in organizing this event seems like a good thing to have.

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Yes, and would be nice to open it to public on who is on organization / speakers / attendees.

So far who we met is @tuttle (https://santsenques.cat/tuttle) and @titi (https://santsenques.cat/users/511) from Lleialtat Santsenca (https://santsenques.cat/lleialtec) and @lapastora (https://libertalia.world/@lapastora) and me from Anartist (https://anartist.space)

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thank you, thats exactly the info I was wondering about, I have reached out to a bunch of folks too and have gotten a few responses about people (in the fedi dev community) who are interested in coming.

Hi all!
The reservation is already made. La Lleialtat (Loyalty in catalan) is ours from 25th to 27th September :slight_smile:

La Lleialtat Santsenca (Sants district, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain). If you are walking towards the mountains, Can Vies is 5 minutes away; if you are walking towards the sea, Can Batlló is 5 minutes away.

The building has had a lot of uses since 1928: cooperative, nougat factory, dance hall, squatted space… When it was a cooperative the building belonged to the members, who were already using their own coin :slight_smile:

The building belongs to the Barcelona City Council but it’s managed bottom-up by the neighbours through an assembleary entity coordinator called CELS (Coordinadora d’Entitats per la Lleialtat Santsenca): it took 10 years in total to get this place.

I’m a member of the tech commission called Lleialtec and I’m proud to tell you that we manage La Lleialtat with free software.

I hope you all will feel at home :slight_smile:

PD: Excuse my english. It’s not my first language.


Thanks titi for the update!

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Hi, I’m tuttle on the fediverse. Pleased to meet you all!

I also think September 25 is a good date. +1



So, it’s official then

September 25th to 27th is the date



Official official! I have been messaging people with this date now for two weeks so lets all agree its official?