Fediverse Conf - Speakers

Hi all, here the first post.
We have been talking that for a long time now but we are trying to make it happen. Let’s gather all together on 2020 in Barcelona for the first Fediverse Conf.

I’ve been reaching out already different people from the Fediverse, but It would be much more interesting if we can develop alltogether a list of who would be interesting to have in the conference.

Here are some ideas on who I’ve been reaching out so at least they are aware of this event. Will see who will attend or not depending on how everything develops.

Matt - Write Freely
Eliot - Funkwhale
Kaniini - Pleroma
Chris Webber - AP
Yabirgb - Anfora
Frank Karlitschek - Nextcloud
Maloki - Florence / Tusky (just linked now)
Framasoft - Peertube
Feneas - @jaywink
Elmussol - Hubzilla, zap & zot

Would be nice to have somebody from:

Please throw your ideas


Sounds awesome! Any idea on where around 2020? Personal hopes go to march-may or august-november kind of timeframes.

I’d be happy to roll the drums on the Matrix side to try and get someone involved once some kind of date at least is locked and proposals are open.

Would be also interested from Feneas side to if not do a short talk or at least have some kind of info stand around.

Will this be more of a “talks and networking” or also workshops kind of event?


Concerning Pleroma I would suggest reaching out for Lain, he is from Europe.

BTW: It’s funny that everyone always forgets about Friendica :wink:


If we are looking beyond platforms with AP support I’d say a D* representative as well. Also maybe it is there but I’m missing it but Eugen Rochko from Mastodon.

Who are the target attendees of the conference? I could see it being targeted at platform stake holders, platform developers, community members, etc.

I think it would be interesting to have all sides of the fediverse world, from developers to users. Admins, instance owners, etc would be really a good point to see where we heading to.

What do you think about doing it around September - October?

Would be nice to have Feneas on board! Do I add it on the first list?

Ok, gonna check for Diaspora and Friendica too, Eugen said he’s not really up for public speeches so…


Sure! Though I guess we’re already quite aware :wink:

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Does the list should contain only main developper or it could be core contributors ?

On Mastodon project it should have core contributor interested in such conference ?

On Friendica there is no main leader, @heluecht is part of the core team :wink:

On Diaspora, I believe Fla (fla@diaspora-fr.org) is a contributor but don’t know on which level exactly.


on my opinion, it can be core contributers and main developers, it doesn’t have to be strictly main developers.

Is there any Mastodon core contributer interested in such conference? if they are, they are welcome

@heluecht would you join with friendica?

Hi! It would be really nice to have stands on the event. Should I start a thread on this category to see how many projects want to participate?

I also would love to have “10 minutes talks” (not necessary to talk about techie stuff) and “Karaoke Friki”. It’s so funny!

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I can try being there. Sadly I have to fly. (I’m not afraid of flying, I normally avoid it because of the environmentally impact)

Question then is only if there will be any hotel arrangements.

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Not sure what is planned but I’m sure discussing stands doesn’t hurt at least - go for it! :slight_smile:

Count me in for a fediverse.network / the-federation.info (not mine but we’ll pool) stats/… talk.

Also if someone is interested, I can talk about the tech behind fediverse.network and search.social. It’s distributed systems and stuff outside of AP-realm, but if there’s interest, it’ll be my pleasure.


How about reaching out to Daniel Gultsch regarding XMPP?

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I can talk with the Matrix team for someone to participate, once schedule and location is locked :+1:

sent Eugen a mail to make them aware of this thread …

did already, but he said he’s not interested… once is a bit more set up I will ask him again

Cool. I mean at least any core contributor might want to come.
I’ll meet Eugen at a workshop in 3 weeks and will also try convincing again …

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perfect! that sounds sick!

Just filled in the “speaker” form offering talking about Hubzilla, Zap and Zot. I am not a dev, but a long-term hub admin for Friendica, then RedMatrix and now Hubzilla. I am talking to other Zot folks about what I can bring to Fediconf on behalf of the Zot community.

[edit] My Hubzilla channel is elmussol btw. Happy to connect with AP folks there too.