Site … which now redirects to TFO’s ForgeFed category.


ohh cool :heart: I am very happy to see that some people are using the association resources.
Keep up the good work \m/

@criztovyl, the website situation is:

  • The spec git repo contains an html/ directory; once you ./, that directory contains the website content including specs. Right now it’s just an index page + specs but we can add FAQ etc. as needed, and eventually we’ll have friendly docs that help implement
  • I’ve been manually uploading the website to, that’s a temporary location
  • The final location for the specs is, soon I’ll upload the website there

If you have some thoughts to share about using a domain, open an issue on the forgefed repo :slight_smile: and we can discuss its role etc.

I just saw was up for registration again and impulsively registered it before somebody grabs it and turns it into something completely unrelated. (Like it happened for

I opened a issue in the notabug repo: