Funding / Sponsorship

Opening this post to talk about funding / sponsorship, as different projects offered their help on this matter.

First of all we would need to see which are the economical necessities, on the last meetings we had in the space (Lleialtat Santsenca) we where talking about covering accomodation expenses (hotel / hostel) for the speakers, and also cover one or two food meals for the speakers.

On #Riot conversations, there have been clearly defined that we need to work in the Streaming platform, to be able to open the conference to as much people as possible, cutting the gap that supposes the expenses to travel to Barcelona from far. Also, we would need to have in consideration a way for the people who is not phisically on the conference to participate. We do not have nobody so far interested in this, but it starts to be one of the preferences, so maybe we even can fly in some team if they are not from spain. I personally know some teams but all of them work with privative software, so doesn’t make sense.

The last point so far that can generate costs is the virtual infraestructure, as we do not pay rent for phisical space in Lleialtec. We bought the domain (12€) and hosted the website on @wakest “Persona” space, working on the forum and riot hosted in #Feneas. At some point we can value to migrate to a VPS if we need more services (might be usefull a nextcloud for the conference) but I gues we can cover it with some of our servers already, so it would generate extra costs.

So, a bit of recapitulation, so far what can generate costs would be:

  • Speaker Costs (accomodation + meals)
  • Live streaming
  • Infraestructures

What do you think would be the best way to work on these sponsorships? Should we open different “wallets” for each of the topics so each project / person can donate to what they prefer? Should we do a main place where all sponsorship goes and then we distribute? Should we talk with each project to see what they are more interested in covering and work on that specifically?

Please drop ideas

In terms of costs is the location space rental, swag, etc. included in “infrastructure”? Perhaps it should be broken out. Off the cuff I would think that the biggest unavoidable costs would be the space rental, followed by signs/marketing materials (assuming we are making these), followed by recording/streaming services. Depending on how many people are speaking those too can get large. If you have a dozen speakers in town for three nights at $100 plus incidentals that’s $4300. I don’t know what the scale of the event is to come up with numbers. If we used APConf as a template how large was that in terms of number of people, number of tracks, number of rooms, etc.?

The space doesn’t costs nothing as per rental, it’s a cession from Lleialtat Santsenca and Lleialtec project.
Marketing materials where not included on the first posts, it depends on what / how we gonna do it, but deffinetely this can be a extra costs too. What kind of promotions / marketing should we do?

The suggestion on accomodation was to cover 2 nights, Friday and Saturday, and 1 or 2 food meals per speaker.
So I would say your calculations aproximate but maybe take out one of the days, so I would say 100 x 2 x 12= 2400 + incidentals.

It’s mentioned in one of the previous posts on the forum, I will check again, but the plan is to have:
1 Room for dev-oriented
1 Room for governance / moderation / administration
1 Room for workshops

CoBudget could be used for this: