Good ForgeFed news (but website is down)

Hi @bill-auger and @fr33domlover I posted on SocialHub a week ago that is down. It still is.

There are interesting developments regarding ForgeFed that I’m happy to inform you of. As FedeProxy project ramps up, they have set aside 5,000,- Euro for the Gitea project to implement FedeProxy based on @cjs detailed issue on design consideration & a work breakdown:

Now, on Lemmy people are asking where they can donate and I want to post some known locations. I don’t know if ForgeFed is open for donations, or if the project is still active.

Maybe - as I vaguely remember reading somewhere - ForgeFed even has funds from the NGI grant left over for those people that will work on remaining open issues in the protocol, and there can be some combination with this new development to make it even more attractive for FOSS devs to jump in.

1 Like is also down for me, it’s not just you. But one can use the latest snapshot from

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the website was moved to a new host last week - looks like they forgot to add a route for - i will contact the admins

people who wish to donate can do so via liberapay:

2 Likes is partially back online: this is happening on and there are discussions between @bill-auger @zPlus and vaeringjar. And vaeringjar is the one taking action. Here is the chat log, to be continued.

(16:42:48) vaeringjar: also, can someone give me the details for what I should set the DNS for or should I update the website so it says TBD/New Home Soon
(16:45:52) zPlus: vaeringjar: can you host (so, no DNS redirect)
(16:47:26) bill-auger: vaeringjar: you dont have the forgefed website code? - i thought it was hosted on the same machine as the peers site
(16:47:56) bill-auger: it was only one page wasnt it? - if so we could probably dig it up from
(16:49:18) bill-auger: vaeringjar: its taken about 5 years to fill it so much; so if you can double the quota, that should suffice for probably another 5 years
(16:50:17) zPlus: bill-auger: no it was hosted on the VM
(16:50:23) zPlus: the domain was pointing at it
(16:50:35) bill-auger: and vikings did not give you the VM ?
(16:51:13) zPlus: yes I have a backup of the VMs but they are not necessary, the website is basically just static files
(16:54:10) bill-auger: it was 5 pages - has all of them - so it culd be re-created very easily
(17:27:34) vaeringjar: zPlus: do we have a repo for the static files for ?
(17:28:00) vaeringjar: oh, i see… I can look on
(17:28:44) bill-auger: zPlus: has the files too
(17:30:41) bill-auger: i think the website was intended to be in the main repo
(17:31:23) bill-auger: that does not have the same files as though - i think at some point they laxxed on updating the git repo
(17:42:53) vaeringjar: I’m waiting for the DNS changes to take and then I’ll add the LE cert… anyway, I’ll check back in when I’ve finished.
(18:12:07) vaeringjar: okay the DNS and LE look good on my side. i have a work thing i need to address… sorry going to need an hour or so
(01:34:28) vaeringjar: does anyone know an easy way to download the original version of a website from the wayback machine?
(01:34:39) vaeringjar: as in, without all the archive tooling?
(01:35:01) bill-auger: i dont think they make it easy
(01:35:27) bill-auger: you may be able to get individual pages; but i dunno about an entire site
(01:36:12) bill-auger: if you thinking a of forgefed, it only had 5 files though - and z has the originals
(01:36:27) vaeringjar: yeah
(01:37:22) vaeringjar: i tried building from the repo, also, it’s stale right?
(01:37:55) bill-auger: there may be a few more files though (the CSS maybe)
(01:38:26) bill-auger: i think the repo is stale - it does not resemble what the archive has
(01:39:04) vaeringjar: hm, it really should build the website in a separate directory
(01:39:09) vaeringjar: anyway
(01:40:09) vaeringjar: i need some afk time. i’ll stay logged in. if no one has news by the time I get back, I’ll start restoring the website from the archived version
(01:42:58) bill-auger: there are more files - i see at least 2 more
(01:42:58) bill-auger:
(01:42:58) bill-auger:
(01:45:18) bill-auger: the others are:
(01:45:18) bill-auger: index.html
(01:45:18) bill-auger: behavior.html
(01:45:18) bill-auger: modeling.html
(01:45:18) bill-auger: vocabulary.html
(01:45:18) bill-auger: funding-plan.html
(04:51:57) vaeringjar: there’s also a dark version of everything
(04:52:08) vaeringjar: i think i’ll leave that out for the moment
(04:52:21) vaeringjar: i just want to get it up there. then i’ll take a look at updating the build script
(04:52:30) vaeringjar: which i assume will include the dark versions
(05:26:11) vaeringjar: okay i’ve got the main page back up
(05:26:52) vaeringjar: i think that’s all i’ve got in me for tonight. brain is porridge…
(05:26:58) vaeringjar: i’ll finish it in the morning

Here is an archive of the website rebuilt from the repository at commit 52bb666 which is the latest archived on, as shown by the short commit hash displayed on the modelling page:

forgefed-website.tar.gz (1.7 MB)

Rebuilding the website:

$ git clone 
$ sudo apt-get install -y pandoc
$ cd forgefed
$ ./
$ tar zcvf forgefed-website.tar.gz html is now fully back online :tada:

(17:05:13) vaeringjar: thanks dachary. i looked it over again and couldn’t figure out where the difference was either. so i just deployed the 52bb666 version