How are we going to implement ForgeFed instances?

Are we going to integrate with Gitea, or we will implement own git service?

Hello marataziat :wave:

The current strategy mainly involves integrating ForgeFed into existing systems.
@fr33domlover building it into Vervis,
and myself slowly into GitLab.
Gitea also was is discussion but nobody is working on it.

While the Gitea developers are interested in ForgeFed, they will need a ready spec to implement it themselves.

But the spec is still in the works, so currently it’s not expected that someone not involved with the ForgeFed working group will start playing around. :slight_smile:

I don’t know of any plans to implement a ForgeFed-native forge.
Without integration (federation^^) with existing systems the resulting forge might not be very attractive anyway, it would just be another island. I would say that could be a reason for focusing on existing systems. :slight_smile:

I think a lot of guys use Gitea only as git repository, and they don’t want to have activitypub because they are not going to use it :slight_smile: So I think Gitea should implement extensions API.

I just want to add, Vervis is actually a ForgeFed native forge, it was meant from the beginning to be federated. So it’s going to be (maybe already is, at least partially) an example of a forge with federation at the core.

The Gitea team seems to be waiting for s spec, but if someone wants to start working on federation in Gitea now, that’s totally possible and very welcome and I’d love to help, give guidance, interoperate, etc. :slight_smile:

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