How this forum relates to the new SocialHub forum

SocialHub restarted at Some AP discussion is there, some is here. I’m unsure where to ask stuff. Should I post at both forums? Link from one to the other? Just stick with one of them?

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well yes we really tried to avoid this but some people just did not want to join forces… I say stick with one and reshare what you can :slight_smile:

The SocialHub forum is the official ActivityPub forum, so you might get more AP people commenting there. However it’s an ActivityPub only forum, so more generic federated web subjects probably are not welcome there.

Otherwise these two don’t relate to each other in any way. Since Discourse is apparently working on AP federation, maybe at some point it wont make a difference :stuck_out_tongue:

I consider this situation slightly unfortunate.But like @jaywink already wrote, this forum here has got a wider range.

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Ironically, the number one criticism against us participating and funding the original SocialHub (which was refusing to exclude proprietary software developers from the forum) has been completely ignored as a requirement for the new SocialHub forum (which doesn’t exclude proprietary software developers from the forum).

Rules are different for different people :grin: