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Dear fellow forum dwellers! To make this more of a community, an idea was put forward to create a topic for introductions. This way we’ll hopefully know a little about the person behind the posts. This is of course totally voluntary :slight_smile:

I should start.

My name is Jason Robinson and I locate in Helsinki, Finland. I work as a developer at New Vector (freelance/contracting) who are the creators of the Matrix protocol. My interests in the federated web started around 2010 with the Diaspora project. After some time I set up my own pod and in 2012 was a part of the community taking over the project from the original team. Around 2014 to 2016 I was a part of the Diaspora core team, handling a lot of community related matters. During those times I launched various federation related small projects like and Social-Relay.

In 2014 I also joined the W3C SocialWG as an invited expert to help with the work on ActivityStreams2 and what then became ActivityPub.

In 2016 I started my own Django powered federated web project called Socialhome. Currently it federates using the Diaspora protocol with ActivityPub work in progress. I call it a “Tumblr / Twitter / Pinterest” mashup.

In 2018 we smashed our beery brains together with @zauberstuhl and decided to set up Feneas. We felt during the years of being in the federated web space that there isn’t really an organization that allows people to be involved in the federated web in general, and it felt like a fun idea to do something about it.

When not at the computer I enjoy drinking beer, cycling and the company of my kids. Not usually at the same time :wink:

*all years subject to the memory of an ageing mind


As I asked for this, I should probably go next.


I’m Matt Lee, I’m British living in Boston, Massachusetts. I moved here in 2008 after filming completed on my short film, “Happy Birthday to GNU” and I took a job at the Free Software Foundation. After the FSF, I moved to Creative Commons, and then to GitLab. In 2009, I started the GNU FM project, which powers, and in 2010 the GNU social project as a spin-off from GNU FM as part of my desire to not run a social silo. Sometime in 2010 I attended the Federated Social Web Summit which gave birth to the IndieWeb movement. Later GNU social rebased itself on StatusNet, and even later, the projects merged under the name GNU social, which should be written in lowercase but rarely is.

These days I mostly work on historical computing things for fun, find myself using Twitter more than most things and I write and direct comedy shows and movies.


My name is Mike and I’m the madman behind Zot.



I’m Brian, I live in Vermont in the United States. I’m a professional systems engineer and amateur programmer. In 2012(?) I joined the Federation by starting my own Diaspora* pod.

In 2016 I co-founded the nonprofit Gibberfish Inc which, among other things runs federated public services such as Diaspora*, XMPP, Nextcloud and Matrix.

I’m a big fan of decentralized networks, and in the past few years I’ve quit all the major corporate platforms and rely on federated services for nearly all of my communication.

Feel free to reach out to me :nerd_face:



Is this the film?

I’m Hank. I’m in the balmy state of Florida in the USA. I’ve had an interest and contributed to open source projects for several years but in the last year have really been able to ramp up my efforts in these areas. Last year I got interested in contributing to Diaspora and doing other things around the Fediverse. I made some small contributions to D* to get my feet wet (tweaking the Twitter and Facebook bridges) before taking a big deep dive on bringing the D* API across the finish line (features wise) and documenting that. I also joined Feneas to help with that in general.

While I have some ambitions for some fediverse-centered projects my time recently has been contributing to other open source ventures including my tried and true Orekit Astrodynomics Library the related Hipparchus Math Library and now the B612 Foundation whose mission is to help get better and detecting life-threatening asteroids earlier and figure out how to divert them from hitting the earth. I’m also doing some contributions to a cross-platform .NET UI system called Avalonia that I’m using to write a myriad of miscellaneous personal and open source projects.

You can follow the various open source and other activities I write about at my blog


Yep, that’s it. I’ve updated my original post with links :slight_smile:

Neat! I’d love to know the background on how that came about, especially Stephen Fry doing the commentary.

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I like the idea of writing introductions to help create a community!

I don’t have any history of projects to speak of. When I was in university, I started self-hosting my internet stuff at home, and documenting my setup to help myself and others do the same. I quit f4ceb00k and joined Diaspora*. I was introduced to federation and to many other things. In 2015, I quit university. The most valuable knowledge I got there is an intro to Socratic ethics, some math and an introduction to functional programming in Scheme. I enjoyed Functional Programming very much, finding it much more natural to my thinking than imperative style. After quitting, I learned Haskell. I participated in Snowdrift, did some coding (and I still would! If I weren’t busy with ForgeFed). In 2016 or so, I started writing a forge (project/repo collaboration and hosting platform) in Haskell, intending to make it federated, believing that our freedom and harmony of the community should involve using Free-as-in-freedom tools for the (Free-as-in-freedom) software we make and use, not depending on profit oriented centralized tools. At the time, there was no ActivityPub yet, and I was looking into OStatus.

In 2018, after a long break, I started coding again, and ActivityPub came and I decided to try using it to make my forge federate. I joined the Fediverse. The whole thing with m$ buying githu8 made people worry, and the Git Federation mailing list started, and ForgeFed was born, a forge federation protocol to be based on ActivityPub.

I live in Israel. I enjoy looking at stars, smelling flowers, hugging trees, talking to hedgehogs and feeling the wind. I like reading, writing, learning, making things, doing spiritual exploration, listening to people. I work in a hostel of autistic people. I’m working on ForgeFed, with people in the Peers community and with help from people in the Fediverse/ActivityPub/Social Web community, and implementing ForgeFed piece by piece in my forge Vervis.


Hello I’m Valvin,

I’m living in north of France, and have interest in decentralized network after I’ve discovered Framasoft’s Diaspora pod which made me leaving main social platform.

During time I’ve switch from Diaspora to Mastodon and now I’ve setup my own Friendica instance. Friendica is very interesting because it aims to be compatible with a lot of decentralized networks. I hope I’ll be able to contribute to this last one.
I really like Matrix project too but for this one I’m mostly only a user.

I’m an opensource enthusiast and I really like Framasoft campaigns. I’m trying to participate to it at my own level for several years.

I’m a contributor of Pepper&Carrot webcomics leads by David Revoy.

I’m part of Feneas for few monthes and hope I’ll be able to contribute too :slight_smile:

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I just saw this thread. I’m Michael. I’m from Germany and I’m currently living in Hamburg. I like to ride per bike and I’m a bicycle activist. I’m currently part of a group that started a referendum here in Hamburg to improve the conditions for bicycle riding. In the past I also worked in the transport committee of my district.

I’m working as a developer in the “ERP” segment (Yeah, closed source business software).

I started contribution to Friendica in 2012. I had been invited to the Social WG but had never got the time joining the WG as official member. But from time to time I commented on the development of the protocol. (And some of my comments had been heard)

I’m running the Friendica servers and I’m also a Feneas member.

And I’m contributing to isLieb who is doing nice German web comics. He recently started the English translation of his comics. The author is also active in the Fediverse and is both having a Diaspora and a Mastodon account.


I am not really good talking about myself… I’m just a fedizen since 2015: first on GNU social (, then on Mastodon ( and Pleroma (

I’m catalan but I also speak spanish, french and english (and some day esperanto). I like to collaborate with Lleialtec. We wrote a little book in catalan about the Fediverse and it’s almost traslated in spanish by other fedizens :slight_smile: Now, I would like to help organizing the #fediverse-conf in Barcelona to spread the word about our wonderful tools.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the devs, admins and users of DECENTralized and ethical tools.

Long life to the Fedi :wink:


My real name is Rob, I’m fine with Enot, Rob, or Robbie.

I have been writing Go casually for about 3 years with some production work along the way. Recently a bit of consulting with WriteFreely. I’m no expert but am ready and motivated to help bring federation to forges and excited to learn from everyone.

Other experience in the last 5 years or so includes JavaScript, web stuff and recently some Python.


I’m Nick. I run and have a bunch of stuff on github (ngerakines). I’ve contributed to Mastodon, WriteFreely, and other related projects. Currently working on Tavern, a low-profile activity pub service (


Hi my name is Matteo, I’m from Rome, Italy and I’m not a tecnician but a philosopher with an hacker attitude, a teacher and a DIY musician.
I used Liquid Feedback with a small group and I’d like to share similar decision making software in the fediverse to build a big organizing from small groups federated.
With other people around Italy we set up a Friendica node and a blog with this political purpose. We’d like to build, in the fediverse, a political ecosistem, that federates smaller and bigger different communities interested in social transforming, accell, community economics, ecological living, redistributing labour time…
We 're non identitary as the name suggests and many of us involved in anti-capitalistic movements .
We use Riot to organize and communicate and we re based on the feneas server. Thank you!

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Hi everybody, I’m a new feneas member. I’ve discovered feneas as I was looking for a matrix instance and this one was recommended by a lot of people.
So, I’m a newbie geek in computing, I love to test some new softwares, make them crash and try to resolve the problems. And I’m a this stage witth matrix :grinning:

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