Invitation: Feneas Annual General Meeting - September 2019

September Annual General Meeting

As per the rules of the Federated Networks Association ry, we invite members to our second Annual General Meeting of 2019. Due to waiting for the Finnish Patent and Registration Office to clear an exemption for our committee role shifts (see below), this meeting is a bit late of schedule. Still, welcome to discuss and have a say on things related to Feneas. The meeting agenda is underneath.

Note! Anyone is welcome to join the meeting. Only Feneas members however have voting rights for decisions made.


  • Opening of the meeting.
  • The chairman, secretary, two examiners of the minutes.
  • The legality and quorum of the meeting are stated.
  • The working order of the meeting is accepted.
  • The financial statements and report.
    • Run down on financial status since beginning of fiscal year, which started August 2018 and ends at end of 2019.
  • Other agenda items:
    • Suggestion: Moving under Feneas (
    • Suggestion: Appoint a Data Protection Officer (
    • Exemption for foreigners as president/vice-president
      • We’ve applied for an exemption from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, and the exemption was granted. Non-Finland residents can now be Feneas president/vice-presidents.
    • Committee membership/role changes:
      • Pia Robinson to step down as vice-president and exit from the committee. She has not been active in the association since founding.
      • Committee will appoint Lukas Matt as vice-president
      • Treasurer role is open and will be handled by Jason/Lukas until a suitable person steps up - interested?
    • The new admin team - some words about teams and the role of admins
    • Call for action! Want to help Feneas grow? You can help by being a…:
      • Social media warrior!
      • Funding wizard!
      • Legal expert!
      • Bookkeeping worm!
      • Blogger!
      • Developer!
  • Ending of meeting


Wednesday 18th September 2019, 6pm UTC.

Find out your local time:


Chat room:
Freenode: #feneas-meetings

Voice call:
Jitsi: (url will be added to room at start of meeting)

Note! Please switch off video when joining the call and ensure you’re muted when not speaking!


Meeting audio and chat logs may be recorded and made available publicly.


Thanks for everyone attending! Unfortunately since we don’t have a scribing system (yet!), the logs are a bit empty as this time Jitsi worked particularly well, and thus the discussion happened in the audio chat.

Audio and chat logs here:

Meeting chair: jaywink (me!)
Secretary: @zauberstuhl (had duty of extracting logs and audio)
Examiners of minutes: @jaranta (signed logs) and @noplanman

Some highlights of the call since there is very little in the logs:

  • The financial status was presented and discussed. The first fiscal year is 14th August 2018 to 31st December 2019 and thus has not ended yet. As such there are no statements to review. The current status of the books was reviewed. The books are currently done by me, but we’re looking for someone with more interest in bookkeeping to take over. Is that you? For the financial status at 31st August 2019, see the picture at the end of this post.
  • The move of under the Feneas umbrella was discussed and then put to a vote (the only one in this call). It was accepted 8 for, 0 against. This means we’ll start collecting things that need to be done to make this happen in the issue and then slowly getting those done to secure a stable future for the older diaspora* pod around :+1:
  • Law demands and everyone agrees we should have a Data Protection Officer. Until a suitable person steps up (is it you? step up!), the call nominated the president to handle that role. That means me. I’ll add the necessary parts to our web site and privacy policy soonish.
  • No one had objections about the committee role changes.
  • Call for action discussed in particular the funding parts with @zauberstuhl noting there is some movement happening there to investigate EU funding options and @jaranta noting he would possibly be interested in helping.

Financial status 31st August 2019:

Yes it’s in Finnish! I use Kitupiikki which is an open source bookkeeping app which works really well. If we keep using it for longer, will add some basic translations.

  • 1910 Pankkitili == cash in the bank
  • 7310 Jäsenmaksutulot == income from membership fees (and a few sticker sales through membership joins)
  • 4100 Palveluostot == service costs, which is basically money spent on servers and infra stuff
  • 4589 Muut markkinointikulut == marketing costs, basically money spent on printing stickers
  • 4915 Postikulut == postal fees, money spent to post out some stickers to people

Note, the above does not include Patreon at all, where we currently have $40.64 waiting to be paid out.

Next meeting invite will go out sometime around December/January. Please raise agenda items in advance in the forum, chat or GitLab issues - or to the committee directly.


oh sorry, I didn’t put the meeting in the agenda and forgot it. Hope I’ll be there next time.

Thank you for the report.