Invitation: Feneas winter Annual General Meeting (2020-03-19)

Winter Annual General Meeting

As per the rules of the Federated Networks Association ry, we invite members to our winter Annual General Meeting of 2020. We’re extremely sorry for the delayed schedule for this meeting.


  • Opening of the meeting.
  • The chairman, secretary, two examiners of the minutes and if needed two ballot counters shall be chosen.
  • The legality and quorum of the meeting are stated.
  • The working order of the meeting is accepted.
  • The Plan of Action, Budget and the amount of admission and membership fees shall be ratified.
  • The President of the Association Committee and other committee members shall be chosen.
  • Free discussion

Please find the proposed plan of action and budget in our cloud.


Thursday 19th March 2020, 6pm UTC.


Chat room:
Freenode: #feneas-meetings

Voice call:
Jitsi: (url will be added to room at start of meeting)

Note! Please switch off video when joining the call and ensure you’re muted when not speaking!


Sorry, I don’t actually see anything attached. :stuck_out_tongue: Can you update this thread with a link or attachment, please?

I’ve added a public link to the docs in our cloud. They should have been delivered to you via email though. Note the AGM hasn’t approved these documents yet, they are just suggestions from the committee to vote on. Any member can contribute to these and suggest changes to be placed under vote.

Meeting is over \o/ Thank you for everyone who joined in :hugs: Full logs in the wiki. We decided to have this as text chat only to have full notes this time.

Proposals that were voted on and accepted:

  • Plan of action for 2020 (pdf). A minor change was requested to add “Contibutor guide” which didn’t get done in 2019.
  • Budget for 2020 (pdf). A paragraph was added based on discussion on improving membership fee collection.
  • Membership fee was ratified to stay the same, 1€ per month.
  • Current committee to continue for another term + @mikaela joins the committee. Welcome Mikaela :wave:

Next AGM is during the early summer times.

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