Is Feneas shutting down?

Dear @staff

Word has it that Feneas will stop its operation. Very sad news, and I am sorry if that’s the situation you are in. I heard about it via SocialHub and fedi:

Could you provide more information as to the accuracy of this news, and how that will play out in practice if this is indeed current reality you face? There are many people that need to migrate their code to other places then, such as @lostinlight and me the Fediverse Party website and ActivityPub watchlists.

Also Forgefriends is bulding on top of @bill-auger and @fr33domlover ForgeFed, and maybe Forgefriends can be a new home for that specification to be taken further. There’s #forgefed knowledge in ths forum that needs to be ported elsewhere.

Any response you are willing and able to provide would be much appreciated! :pray:

Hello! The situation is regrettably such that the association’s primus motor Jason Robinson is no longer able to continue in his current role, and unless Feneas can find a viable executive committee team to keep the association going there will be no choice but to shut it down.

The decision on shutting down - and what to do with the assets - will likely be taken in early January (AGM date still not set).

In the meantime there is also an effort to look for volunteers willing to donate a few hours of work per month to keep the day-to-day things going at Feneas. If you or somebody you know feels like you could realistically make such a commitment for 12 months please let me know, I am happy to discuss in more detail.


Thank you @beige for this information, and your quick response. I will transfer it to the SocialHub forum and also just tooted your response.

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As further clarification, if the association is shut down (ie no executive committee is found to continue), current funds will allow running services until around end of February 2022. Of course this timeline can be flexible so that everyone gets their data migrated especially re GitLab.

We will all know what the situation is on the 4th of January, which is looking to be the day another vote will be held. Information will go out immediately after that.

Btw, meeting notes from AGM on the 9th December: Add meeting minutes for AGM 2021-12-09 (!39) · Merge requests · Feneas / association · GitLab

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It’s now official, more info here:

Sad news, but thank you @jaywink and even more for the great services you all at Feneas have provided the community over the years :pray:

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