Is there yet a library for AP for .NET/.NET Core?

I am wondering about this, or whether I have to make this a project. Not to mention, how possible it is. I notice a focus on the languages like PHP, Python, and so on. Is there a reason, considering the majority of the current .NET development is open sourced now (thank you, .NET core), why there are no .NET based libraries for AP? Then again … there is the option to compile the AP PHP library to .NET core via PeachPie and work from there … Thoughts? C# and PowerShell are great languages, so why aren’t they being used more in the decentralized community?

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I guarantee it’s possible but AFAIK there isn’t one. The reasons why libraries exist for certain languages and not others comes down to the developer’s preferences for what they are writing server side software that uses ActivityPub. While there is a client-to-server spec as well the vast majority of what you are seeing are the server to server specs being implemented. So you’ll see libraries for Ruby, PHP, Python, etc. because developers chose to write systems with server-side ActivityPub support but decided to break out the AP specific stuff into other languages. I haven’t seen any fediverse software written server side with .NET yet. I’m working on some client side software using .NET but those interact with a specific system’s API not ActivityPub so even in that case I wouldn’t be writing libraries for ActivityPub for that.

Implementing it is non-trivial but not impossible. It’s probably a good idea to come up with a landing pad where there are links to each language’s libraries for support though.