Matrix <-> Telegram bridge

Feneas is now running a Telegram bridge. The source code of the bridge is available at tulir/mautrix-telegram on GitHub.

Instructions for using the bridge are below. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this topic or ask in

Adding the bridge to your room

  1. Invite @feneasbot to your Telegram group or channel.
  2. In Telegram, send the /id command to get the ID of the chat.
  3. Invite to the room you want to bridge in Matrix. The bot should have permissions to invite users.
  4. In Matrix, say !tg bridge <ID of the chat>. Example: !tg bridge -123456789
  5. The bridge will ask you to confirm the bridge. Do this by sending the message !tg continue
  6. Your room should now be bridged to Telegram.

To disconnect your room from Telegram, say !tg unbridge in Matrix and follow the prompts.

Logging in with your Telegram account

By default the bridge uses a “relay bot” for people who are not logged in to the bridge. This can lead to confusion when the Telegram bridge posts lots of messages in your Telegram chats. By using your own Telegram account, the bridge will send messages to chats with your account rather than the relay bot when you talk on matrix. In addition to that, you also get invited to all current and future Telegram chats - it’s like using Telegram in Matrix!

  1. Invite to a private chat on Matrix.
  2. Say !tg login to start the login process
  3. Click the link and follow the instructions
  4. The bridge will now start inviting you to all your Telegram chats.

To log out, say !tg logout in the same room where you logged in.

Logging into the bridge with your Matrix account

If you’re logged into the bridge with your Telegram account, you can also give the bridge access to your Matrix account. This makes it possible for the bridge to:

  • Bridge messages you send from other Telegram clients as your Matrix user
  • Bridge Matrix read receipts and typing notifications into Telegram

Due to limitations in the bridge software, this feature is currently only available for users on The process is similar to the telegram login:

  1. Get an access token to your account. The easiest way to do this is to log into Riot web in a private browsing window, then going to Settings -> Help & About -> Advanced (at the bottom) -> Access Token: . Click the “click to reveal” text, copy the access token and close the private browsing window without logging out. The private window trick is useful so that the access token wouldn’t get invalidated when you log out for some other reason.
  2. In the room you used for the telegram login, say !tg login-matrix
  3. Click the link and follow the instructions. Use the access token obtained earlier.

You can change the name of the token in Settings -> Security & Privacy so that you’d recognize it in the future.

To remove your access token from the bridge, say !tg logout-matrix in the room and then remove the device in Settings -> Security & Privacy.