Milestones, goals and funding

ForgeFed is getting NLNet funding. The funding is per milestone, so this is a good time to define our milestones and side projects, and get them discussed with NLNet.

Look at the plan and comment if you’d like to grab a task (and state whether you’d like to get funding for it) :slight_smile:


Full disclosure, I’m looking for work as a developer.

Hi @fr33domlover and happy new year :slight_smile:

A few years ago I deleted my GitHub account and pledged to never go back. With the unfortunate consequence that my contributions to all projects hosted there are no longer visible (including over 2,000 commits in Ceph). More importantly, it became extremely difficult for me to effectively contribute to many projects I depend on. On the bright side, it is a great example of what is wrong with GitHub and I’m now working happily on a self-hosted GitLab.

Last year I discovered ForgeFed and realized it will eventually allow me to reconnect with the software imprisoned in GitHub and courageously decided to passively wait for it to happen :blush: . I was very grateful to you and all the contributors and should have said then what I’m saying now: thank you for launching this initiative, we’re all waiting for it! But despite my silence, the ForgeFed seed grew in my imagination and when the time came for me to look for paid work (as opposed to volunteering full time for non-profit, which I’ve been doing in the past four years), it resurfaced. Maybe I could find funding to work on federating forges, building on ForgeFed and make it happen instead of waiting?

I’m ashamed to say that being paid to advance forge federation, however obvious, only came to me this morning. After some research and advice from wise people, it was suggested that there may be NLNet funding to do exactly that. So… here I am, hoping it’s not too late in the game.


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Hi @dachary! Awesome! Yes! There’s definitely work to do!

The idea is this: You pick an existing forge and start implementing federation in it. If it feels good, you apply for funding and good chance you’ll get it.

There’s Gitea in Go, there’s the much bigger GitLab in Ruby & Go, there’s Pagure in Python that @zplus picked up but perhaps could use help… and probably many more… includes translation software too such as weblate, and includes CI software, and project management software…

And you’d have guidance and support here. And could join the spec work too.

Do you have a preference? Programming languages you’re already comfortable with? And their web frameworks etc? My humble advice is, pick something you have passion for, and something you’d enjoy coding. Otherwise it’s easy to lose motivation.

From the community aspect, Gitea and GitLab are the highest priority hot targets for implementing ForgeFed :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you think?


@fr33domlover thanks for the guidance :slight_smile: A lot happened in the past three weeks and … I found a paid development job :tada: While looking for work I applied for a grant for a “federation proxy” which would be based on ForgeFed and provide real world usage that would (hopefully) help it make progress. My employer is amicable to the idea and if there is funding I’m confident I’ll be allowed to work on it.

However this is not a sure thing and won’t happen before April. In the meantime I’m decided to make progress on a volunteer basis or (if there are funds left) on a contract basis. My preferred language is Python but I also know Go and looking at the progress made by @cjs on go-fed, eagerly waiting for the integration in Gitea. My ruby is a little rusted (no pun intended) but I’m comfortable enough to patch GitLab. Right now I’m trying to hack together something in python/django and better understand what federation is about so I can make a sensible roadmap for fedeproxy. But it can be paused if more concrete contract work is needed.

What do you think ?

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Your plan sounds good! I’ll write if anything else comes up.

For information the fedeproxy grant was approved and I very much look forward to provide real world feedback to forgefed on this occasion :tada:

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