Monthly community review round instructions :)

Monthly community review rounds happen on the first Friday of each month, and announcements are made on the Fediverse. The timing isn’t strict though, come when you can :slight_smile:

For real-time conversation, visit our IRC channel (#peers on Freenode) or the matching Matrix room (` We’re generally there, but the best time is Fridays 7PM UTC, at which we have a project jam and it’s a great time for real-time collaboration!

NEXT REVIEW ROUND: Friday, February 7, 2020

If you’re following us on the Fediverse, or you’re developing federated or forge related software, and you’re here to spend a few minutes of your precious time to help us create an awesome ForgeFed specification, first of all thank you for coming :slight_smile: The instructions below will help you get around.

The primary task for community review is to browse the specification draft and the forum threads, read and comment, sharing any questions or insights or thoughts or experience you have. If something sounds too technical or doesn’t interest you, feel free to skip! Topics marked with checkbox are resolved decisions, you can skip those too.

Preparation: Browse to the ForgeFed category, click the notification level button (square button next to the “+ New Topic” button) and set the notification level to Watching. That way you’ll be conveniently notified on new discussion when you visit the forum.

The specification working draft is here.

The forums to review:

If you went over those and still thirsty for more, there’s also our issue tracker, which includes some issues that have matching forum topics and you can skip (they’re labeled as such) and also many issues that aren’t in the forum.

If you’re interested in coding, ask us on IRC/Matrix! There are ForgeFed implementations being written in Python and in Haskell, and there’s lots of work to do in Go and in Ruby, and surely other languages too.

Happy participation and comment below if something is unclear :slight_smile: :pray:

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Oh the draft is much further along than last time I checked - will set out some time to go through it!