Moving to SocialHub?

Not much is happening here. Not just in the ForgeFed category. Meanwhile, relevant stuff happens elsewhere and it’s difficult to track…

Unless Discourse is about to support federation (is anyone working on that? :P), how about we make a quick jump over to SocialHub?


I agree it makes sense to move over to SocialHub. Feneas seems to be pretty quiet the last year.

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I am not implementing, but I am advocating. See the thread below that I post to now and then to have it be bumped to the top of the ‘attention stack’…

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This might make sense. It’s not entirely unlikely we might announce this forum to be taken offline due to little adoption and in general very little interest in Feneas, making it hard to justify spending admin time or membership funds in running this forum.

All the best for ForgeFed :green_heart:

@jaywink, can you export the ForgeFed category? So that it can be imported into SocialHub?

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I have no idea tbh. If Discourse provides a way to export / import categories, I’ll help generate you a file you can give to the Socialhub admins. Might be best contact them first?

Already did, they asked if I could provide them category data they can import :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they asking because 1) they know what to import OR 2) whether we know what to import? :smiley:

I’ll try dig at some point soonish…

On Sat, 27 Feb 2021 21:03:56 +0000 fr33domlover wrote:

relevant stuff happens elsewhere and it’s difficult to track…

that is always going to be the case, with a project as
broad-reaching as forge-fed - “relevant stuff” will be happening
in any forge project which adopts it too - in fact, forge
projects are more relevant to forge-fed, than the activity-pub
project, or any other on the activity-pub forum

for forge-fed, activity-pub is an upstream project, and forges
are the downstream projects - it is normal to expect that
upstreams and downstreams use different communication channels
and have different user-bases

for that reason, i dont have any preference regarding which
third-party host to use - my first inclination would be to
self-host, independently of any other project or host

the presumption seems to be that forge-fed is not getting enough
exposure on this forum; and there would be more interest or
activity surrounding forge-fed, if it were more closely
associated with “family” of other activity-pub-based projects -
regardless that there are not many other fediverse projects on
this forum, i dont believe that is the case, really - the important
forge-fed threads have gotten thousands of page views on this
forum - the apparent family resemblance with other
activity-pub-based projects, is superficial and mostly

  • forges and activity-pub itself, are the only other
    projects, which are relevant to forge-fed

  • forge-fed is the only activity-pub-based project, for which
    forges are relevant

  • forges are the only other projects, which would
    have any reason to cooperate with forge-fed

  • forge-fed is the only activity-pub-based project which would
    be seen as relevant to forge devs

the only other thing i would mention, is that there was a very
important reason, why forge-fed moved away from the activity-pub
forum - for example, if they still do not have email access
enabled, that would make forge-fed more “difficult to track”

Hi @bill-auger. Sorry about this… I was about to respond here, but my typing took on broader scope, so instead I have responded to SocialHub in Rationale for Participation in SocialHub. Hope you don’t mind.

# bundle exec script/discourse export_topics 10
Starting export of topics...

bundler: failed to load command: script/discourse (script/discourse)
ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError: FATAL:  Peer authentication failed for user "discourse"

Hmm, need to dig a bit more :frowning:

I currently cannot make a new topic in SocialHub -> Software -> ForgeFed, is it not ready yet?

It is an explicit security setting in the subcategory. I don’t know if that was deliberately done or. I am moderator at SocialHub, but @how created the group, and I can ask. But maybe @fr33domlover can answer this too.

(This permission might be waiting for topics to be moved… see above)

Is ok now?

Everybody please note that we have weekly meetings where you can announce things, demo stuff or just have fun, the next meeting is May 7, 5pm UTC

cant wait to try it soon. thanks