Project proposal: Wikipedia for linked data?

Hi Feneas folks! I’m reaching out to folks in the distributed web community about an idea to build a sort of distributed Wikipedia, but unlike Wikipedia, it would put more emphasis on linked data. Does anyone here know of any efforts to do something like this?

I created an initial post outlining my current thoughts about what this initiative might look like… any and all feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


Hi there @jeffkhull, welcome to Feneas. There was recent discussion about this on SocialHub, that may interest you.


Re:Author identity and content signing. At Humane Tech Community someone proposed a mechanism to determine veracity of content (it may be overly complicated, but linking FYI) and also in the past I discussed identity issues (I think it is important that both anonymous and pseudonymous contributions are allowed, but in doing so it may lend less credibility to the content that is published. The thread has emphasis on Verifiable Claims open standard. Note: For Fediverse a mechanism of Object Capabilities is in the works).

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Hi there,
we are in the process of “establishing” an “Information exchange data model” for organizations and events.
Project title “fairsync”, result probably “Linked Open Actors”. Early adopters are (KVM) and .
Current plan is to make organizations and events from both partners available in an RDF repository and provide a SPARQL endpoint.
I am still working on the documentation. A prototype already exists and the KVM data is already in an RDF repo.

Furthermore we are planning a Semantic Media Wiki. A few days ago we set up a test site, but there are still startup difficulties :wink:
My plan would be to provide RDF data there. However, I see the difficulty to train and convince the authors to make their content available as structured data.
The topic of the wiki will be social-ecological change. It should not become a wikipedia competitor.

How the Wiki RDF data will be made available, I don’t know yet. I don’t know Semantic Media Wiki yet.


Welcome @naturzukunft :slight_smile:

Another interesting resource to check is and also

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Wow, so many varied initiatives! It’s a challenge to keep up with them all.

Question for you… I see a lot of efforts around linked data and federated wikis, but many of them don’t dig into the federated technology aspect, or primarily mention ActivityPub. Personally I have been involved with web3 tech movements like Textile and IPFS, which are more akin to distributed databases than federated servers.

I’m new to this segment of the community… in your circles, do folks discuss IPFS and related incentivized technologies (like Filecoin) much?

Not really all that much. The SocialHub is for evolving ActivityPub and its related standards. AP itself is a Linked Data standard. There are efforts to reach out to the Solid Project and Community. The most interesting extensions on top of AP are those that go beyond Microblogging and adopt vocabularies in different domains. I am posting in Fediverse Futures to get some non-technical (at first) creative thinking from the ground.

PS. I also co-maintain the Feneas wiki for Fediverse Party with apps / devtools watchlists, which is interesting to explore what is being built.

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Hi @aschrijver, wanted to give an update on this. I’ve been working on a “basic vision design” for a project I’m calling WorldGraph that will be for reading and writing semantically-meaningful data to the distributed web via IPFS. Here’s a high level diagram for reading and writing both private and public data, FYI:

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Good to hear that Fairsync is moving forward. It will be very useful to build an index over multiple datasets.

Also regarding a federated Wikipedia for linked data, we already have Wikidata, that runs on Wikibase, which outputs perfectly fine RDF and also has a SPARQL query interface available.

Yet federation of multiple instances remains an epic, that many users of the stack would like to see.