Sharing the workload

I thought about Feneas structure this morning. Feneas started out small, so because of necessity almost everything ended up being handled by the board members. But Feneas has been growing and maybe the structures need to grow with it. For example, current board members are mostly responsible for running the technical infrastructure of Feneas. But because they’re board members, they’re also responsible for the social infrastructure. That’s a lot of work and I’m worried that at some point one of them burns out and we lose both infrastructures at the same time.

There’s a lot of things to do in a association like this and while I like the flexible tools we’ve adopted, they’re also bad at letting people take responsibility for things. I would suggest that we try to form teams around specific tasks (admin, technical, social, etc.). Just letting people know that “hey, you can participate with your skills even if you’re not part of board” would be a step forward. I’m sure we have people with technical skills who could take over managing some parts of the technical infrastructure. And I think we need more people with communication skills (re: recent discussion with XSF & Matrix) and time to do outreach. Thoughts?


We have admin teams :slightly_smiling_face:

  • admin - can update and maintain the whole infrastructure
  • admin-infra - can update and maintain a service (e.g. matrix bridges)

For blog posts and the social part everyone can join the channel.

What we are currently missing is some kind of news feed over the members mailing list ( We should update our members frequently about updates and news (e.g. with something like “hey, you can participate with your skills even if you’re not part of board”)

As @zauberstuhl already indicated, the admin team has actually been in existence for some months now and currently contains 3 people from the committee (me, zauberstuhl and noplanman) but additionally non-committee members tulir, hankg, valvin and dada. Some have access to eveything, some have access to only the things they’ve wanted to help with. Most of the work is still done by zauberstuhl and me, but the new admins are hopefully taking on more things in the future.

Similarly we should definitely have other teams too. I would especially like for a “social” team to self-organize that would take lead in Feneas social web interactions. Currently it’s just me sometimes sharing from the official account. Anybody interested? :slight_smile:

Other teams we have are the language teams, finnish and french.

We had a small discussion re teams in the last AGM. Unfortunately not much feedback came out of it. I think these things just take time, and of course the right persons to step up.