Specifying the version control system of a repo

How should a Repository specify which version-control system (VCS) it uses? For display in UI and for determining which VCS program to use on the actual repo in the filesystem.

IDEA: have a VersionControlSystem type, and define some values in the ForgeFed JSON-LD context, for known VCSs. Of course people can use other values / suggest new values for inclusion. For example, we’d have “git”, mapped in the JSON-LD context to https://forgefed.peers.community/ns#git.

Sounds reasonable?

Sound reasonable. :smiley:

definitely! you cannot assume that everyone uses GIT :wink:

@zauberstuhl, yup, I myself use Darcs often :slight_smile:

Hmmm what about the property name? Ideas:

  • “vcs”
  • “versionControlSystem”

Diversity is key. We’re big users of mercurial (‘hg’)

other options could be:

  • revision control system
  • source control system

still version control is my favorite too