Standard list of existing software to examine

I’d like us to have a standard list of software we examine when we want to decide how to model things.

The list is here.

Please comment if you have more items and I’ll add them :slight_smile: also comment if you think some items should be removed.

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GitHub/GitLab are great, but it’s going to be harder for those of us using stuff like Atlassian BitBucket for projects, even with open source licenses.

Could you elaborare why you think that?
For example which features you have in mind that BitBucket provides that GH/GL do not? :slight_smile:

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It is more for situations where the other two aren’t the first choice. My entire division is using the Atlassian software, which wasn’t actually my call. I would not have made the same decision were it mine to make, so we need a solution for those using atlassian software, too.

@cambridgeport90, I added bitbucket to the list. However I don’t think anyone else in this community uses it or expressed interest, and I know very little about it. If there are some features it has that are unique to it and you’d like to make sure they make it into the ForgeFed spec, please open a forum topic and write about them, otherwise we may miss them.