Support for Tags, Release, Changelog?

@fr33domlover @bill-auger I was wondering if there are ways to community a Release or a Tagged commit, and with that add Changelog-like information. So as to obtain information from remote forges similar to what Github uses in their Releases UI, e.g. like ?

PS. I have been advocating quite heavily for ForgeFed. Is there recent progress on the project, or are you looking to get help?

in theory, it is possible to specify messages for any information
in the database of any forge - the catch is that both forges in
question need to be able to store and represent that information

  • a “releases” feature is fairly common across forges; but other
    items in the post title are of a different sort - there is no
    obvious relation between tags/releases/changelogs (certainly no
    inherent or fundamental relation) - for the sake of discussion
    per this thread, these must be detangled, and possibly separated
    into separate discussion

conventionally, release downloads are managed manually by the
project maintainer - they are not automated like github, nor
associated with git tags - that sort of “releases” feature
is a github-ism, which probably gogs/gittea is the only libre
forge which implements it

“tags” are something of a git-ism; and they are not in any way
related to releases nor changelogs - tags are merely a property
of the git VCS - they are nothing special than an alias for a
commit hash - to access them, is a matter of introspection; and
for that reason, i dont think that many forges represent them
explicitly - ie: there is no essential reason to store them in
the database

re: changelogs, for git repos, the commit history is itself a
form of changelog - i think what you are actually referring to is
more like “release notes”; specifically in the form of a note on
the “releases” page of the forge - release notes typically
include some of the same information as would be in a
changelog; but they should not be very much like the form of a
changelog, which is more of a dry list - a true changelog is
just a file under VCS like any other, again a matter of
introspection to access it - it’s not something that would be in
the database; so it’s not something that forge-fed could specify

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Thanks a bunch, @bill-auger! This is a very clear explanation, and sufficient info for me, atm.

np - sry for the delay - i actually sent that previous message
via email on november 23 - the pipes must have been clogged

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