Unable to seemingly stay logged into chat.feneas.org on my iPhone

Hi all,
this is a rather odd one. I signed into my account for Matrix up here, went to bed last night, and when I woke up and went into RiotIM on my iPhone to check messages, I discovered that I had been logged out during the night. Anyone else encountering this? I also notice that chat.feneas.org accounts are slower than those on Matrix.org.

There is a bug in Riot iOS where it can appear like it has logged you out but if you force quit the app, it will open normally. I’ve only seen that bug a few times but yeah that’s pretty annoying.

If you have a GitHub account you can thumbs up and comment on https://github.com/vector-im/riot-ios/issues/1643

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That is interesting. Wonder whether or not that also relates to the desktop issue I am having, too, where it seems that chats come in as more like trickles than anything. In other words, chats I am part of via this Matrix server, if I join them another way, text flows normally. Over Matrix with this server, it takes a while for each message to come in, if it shows up at all. I saw that quite a bit yesterday.

I don’t think that is related. I think the feneas server can be a bit slow.

The iOS spontaneous logout issue should only happen very rarely if it is that bug. I’ve only had it happen a handful of times in the past couple of years. If it is happening more frequently than that, or force quitting the app doesn’t get you back in then it’s probably a different problem.

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thanks for the update. I will be keeping an eye on this; happened again over the weekend. Will check on my desktop, as well, though considering I just rebuilt my Windows profile, not sure what is happening at the moment.