Vervis Demo 2 - Federated opening of new tickets

(0) Intro

Hi people!

I’d like to announce the 2nd ForgeFed demo! If you missed the 1st demo, you can find it here.

The demo federates opening new tickets. It also has federated ticket comments, which were implemented in the 1st demo. The demo is implemented on Vervis, a forge I’m developing, written in Haskell. The UI is still lacking and sometimes hard to navigate, but for this demo, hopefully it will do.

In this demo you can open new tickets, and the project team and project followers should be notified. The project automatically sends you a message containing the URI of the newly created ticket. It should work across servers transparently.

(1) Register user

If you haven’t done this on the 1st demo or otherwise, create a new user on each one of the 2 test instances listed below. On each instance, click Sign up at the top, and after that Log in.

(2) Open ticket locally

  1. Open a ticket: Browse to the Magic project. Click “Tickets” and then “Create new”, fill in a title and description, and submit. At the top of the screen you should now see a bell icon, indicating you have a notification. Click it and see the notification about your new ticket being opened.

  2. Comment on that ticket remotely from an account on another server: Now browse to Sandbox’s /publish page. In the top form, titled “Publish a ticket comment”, set the fields as follows:

    • Ticket: Enter the URI of the new ticket you opened above
    • Replying to: Leave this field empty
    • Message: Anything you want :slight_smile:
  3. Verify we, the ticket author, get notified on the comment: Click “submit”. If a success message appears, browse back to Magic (or reload the page if you have it already open in a separate browser tab), and you should see the bell icon indicating a notification. Click it and make sure you got a notification about the new comment.

(3) Open ticket remotely

  1. Open a ticket remotely on another server: Browse to Magic’s /publish page. In the second form, titled “Open a new ticket”, set the fields as follows:

  2. Verify that the remote server accepted our ticket: Click “submit”. If a success message appears, you should see the bell icon at top, taking you as usual to the notifications page, where you should see a notification indicating that your ticket has been accepted on the remote server and created under the project.

  3. Make a local comment on the ticket and verify we, the ticket author, remotely get notified: Browse to that new ticket, scroll to the bottom and click “new topic”. Enter some comment text and submit. Browse back to Magic, make sure the notifications page has a new notification about the new comment.

(X) Caveats and feedback

  • I did some testing, but there may still be bugs! If anything fails or you have questions or comments, write a comment below, or on Freepost, or open a ticket. There’s also an IRC channel (#peers on Freenode) and Matrix (
  • If the instructions above are unclear, please comment and suggest improvements :slight_smile:
  • The UI is still lacking and some pages just display JSON data instead of human friendly layouts and text. This may make it a bit difficult to navigate things, I’m aware of that, but if it makes it really difficult or impossible to follow the instructions (for example there are many notifications and it’s hard to find the ones you made), please comment here and I’ll see if I can make things a bit nicer visually. Creation of an actual usable UI is in progress :slight_smile:
  • Occasionally the test instances may crash or be brought down for bug fixing or their data may be cleared (including all user accounts and all messages); if weird things happen and there are no updates here indicating planned maintenance, feel free to ask on IRC/Matrix.

Have fun ^ _ ^

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Awesome work, looking forward to following the progress! Need to really start following the spec work, hopefully will get some comments in soon!

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