Website Necessities?

What are the necessities folks feel we need for the fediconf website?

Just want to open this up so its not just me and @capmisson deciding what the website consists of. It will be up and in progress at soon.

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A bare minimum this far out I think would be for it to have:
-The conference dates
-Conference location
-Travel information to the host city (which airport is closest, train station, etc.)
-The rudimentary schedule for each day so people know which days are for checkin, whether it is a half or full day, etc.
-A registration link (if we are doing registrations versus it just be fully open like FOSDEM)
-A news landing page for any updates that may be posted
-Contact information for the various needs of viewers: attendees, presenters, etc.

Shortly thereafter if there are going to be tracks or specific session topics I’d have a listing of those added to the site. You’d probably be looking for people to chair those sessions so organizing the infrastructure around that would be important as well as providing a mechanism for people to submit abstracts (for presentations) or CVs/info documents for session panels (assuming the chairs don’t have people in mind for that already).

As the schedule fills in and certainly no later than two months before I’d think it should have a listing of the sessions, speakers, and time slots.

After the conference it is good to have a standard place for people to read the final submitted presentations and/or videos.

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Totally agree, we can divide this and see who wants to take care of each part right?

Gonna work on the registration links.
Posting now in the Dates Votation threat some more info.

Is it good if we update here each one of the mentioned sections by @hankg so we can develop them here and then copy it to website?

Edit: I created a pad for the website so we can all add ideas there and @wakest can import it to the website:


thanks @hankg and @capmisson this is all great. Would be cool to have a few more people working on all this. How should we do registration? The confrence will be free to the public yes? so registration is just to judge interest and for people to know who will be there? Maybe we can just have a wiki page that everyone can add their name too? or maybe thats too techy for some.

I just remembered that @sebilasse’s website for APConf this last year we can probably reuse lots of ideas from ActivityPub Conference Prague 2019

True, the link is useful thanks!

@wakest we can use gnuforms from the same lleialtat people if you want

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Well. it was made in a real hurry, but everything is Open Source and CC

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Do i start preparing the forms?

btw, maybe we should migrate the website to a wordpress or some federating site platform?

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What would content do you want to be federated? I am down to work on whatever but we should spec out exactly what we are trying to achive first.

My suggestion comes just to make it easier to add new users and make it everybody to know how to do it maybe?

Somehow I think there is going to be a huge amount of things to do for the small team so having a federated website might not be the biggest priority, as nice as it would be :wink: Unless of course it’s something ready, like Plume, WriteFreely or a Wordpress with an AP plugin - otherwise it’s going to be a huge amount of work for anyone to do.

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The way its set up now is very easy to edit for anyone, and I am happy to make anyone a member of the project on It’s not self hosted (but that also means its very easy for people not familiar with editing any code to help with it) but we can set up a wordpress or plume or writefreely blog and link it to the thing thats set up now very easily just by setting that up at a subdomain like, there is no reason we can’t do everything people have the energy to do… (though I do not personally have the energy to write/customize a theme for wordpress to make it look good…)

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I agree.
Although there are maybe some nice AP projects for events like

I’d wish I had the time to try them out …


Mobilizon looks interesting, let’s move on with that
In regarding website, if you all prefer persona for me is cool, I was just pushing for some system we already know. But is cool like that

We would need to move forward with assistance asap

Isn’t mobilizon more like a federated event directory, like meetup? Seems a bit overkill for one event? :slight_smile:

Mobilizon is still basically pre alpha software. Its not ready to be used for anything yet.


The website loads fonts from Google, can that be fixed?

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Which website ?
For Prague we just selfhosted the google fonts.

@wakest can you check on the google fonts so we can use not google ones? That’s important, we need free GAFAM project.

@sebilasse we opened, if any ideas or anyone want to help @wakest on the website would be perfect.