WIP - Talk: Introspecting, searching, and onboarding in the fediverse

It’s totally a work in progress right now, but my talk will resolve around theses three things:

  • Introspecting/statistics of the fediverse (what is done by fediverse.network),
  • Searching the fediverse (what is done by search.social),
  • and Onboarding users on the fediverse (what is done by [INSERT WIP PROJECT])

Part one will talk about the history of fediverse.network, the future; and an overview of the statistics, and how much the fediverse is really centralized (depending on how you look at the metrics).

Part two is about search, what does it means for privacy, and what can we improve.

The third part (making the fedi more accessible to people) will either be goals of what I want to achieve, or what’s already done since then (the two unreleased/un-done yet project which are fediverse.wiki (I may open another thread about this one) and fediverse.guide).

There’s no draft at all the talk for now on, just ideas. What would you think would be relevant ? What wouldn’t be ?


Wow that’s amazing! really interesting talk!


All of this would be fascinating to hear a talk about. All super relevant to what I personally would like to get out of this conference.