Work in progress - Update

Creating this topic so we can give updates on what is happening.
We did a meeting today with @tuttle and @titi from Lleialtat Santsenca and reached some interesting points that would be good to debate:

  1. Logistics
    1.1 Location:
    Lleialtat Santsenca (
    We need to create some maps, guides, transport guides, accomodation list
    1.2 Timings:
    Friday Afternoon / evening: Presentation speech + Dinner (speakers + who wants to join with reservation)
    Saturday: 09.00h to 21.00h All day speaches, eating each one by themselves, bar open in Lleialtat Santsenca. Should we do a small party after?
    Sunday Morning: De-conf, offtopic space for networking.
    Should we organize a siteseeing visit for whoever is interested?
    1.3 Accomodation:
    We will take care of the accomodation for the speakers, attendees can find their own accomodation, we can provide some information in good accomodations or prepare one shared space to sleep in case somebody doesn’t want to sleep in a hotel / hostel

  2. Topics:
    That’s just an idea, we have been thinking about the whole structure for the conference, and we saw that it might be a option to divide it as it follows:
    2.1 DEVS / TECH
    Area targeted to software / protocol developers & techies
    Example round table:

  • Protocols (Zot, AP, OcaPub, OStatus)

  • Security

  • We need inputs here from developers to know which might be the main issues to talk about
    Language: English (do we need translators for this area?)

    Area targeted to software developers, admins, mods and users to talk about social / governance issues related to Fediverse.
    Example round tables:

  • Which is the perfect user size for an instance?

  • How we moderate?

  • Shared infraestructures, how to make it reality?

  • Massive Scrapping (dataverse
    Language: English + ¿Translators? (so we can talk more different languages?)

    2.3 USERS
    Specifically in Spain, we have seen 2 big user waves coming from Twitter to Mastodon and more to come. Even if at first we where not thinking about targeting final users, might be interesting to have an area dedicated to new users who are interested in Fediverse. We understand this would be mainly for spanish / catalan users as we gues people will not come from Europe or US to learn how to create a new account on Pleroma or Mastodon, but we might have interested people from the area.
    Example round table / speach:

  • Introduction to Fediverse

    We have been thinking about opening two online forms, one for Speakers and one for Attendees. So we can have an “accurate” list of how many people will be coming, specially for the spaces at Lleialtat Santsenca but also to be able to coordinate logistics and know how much strenghthness we need locally as support.
    The list for attendees would not be restrictory (not sure if that word exists) so even if somebody forgot to submit for the list they would be able to come in, but this way we have an orientation.

  2. Tools
    Website: @wakest
    Agora / Forum:
    Forms: @tuttle ( @capmisson (
    Docs: Hosting - Feneas (@jaywink) // Setup - @tuttle (


Are we anticipating it being large enough to require multiple concurrent tracks or is it really about all attendees being one one session? How many people were at the AP conference? Is this expected to be the same size or larger?

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Not sure how many people was in AP Conference in Prague, probably @wakest can put a bit of light on that.
I would open a list for attendees even if it’s not paid so there is a possibility of having an average assistance.
Maybe around 40/50 people? Not sure honestly


Created both forms, for attendees and speakers, let’s move them.

@wakest can you put them on the website too?



I don’t know what this is as clicking the link just shows this:

I think maybe having the “forms” be an open wiki of some kind might make more sense. I can add links to these on the website but as this is only in Catalan it doesn’t really make sense to have these as the only link with nothing in English.

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Sorry @wakest i edited it but forgot to post lol, check again the previous post for link

The space in DOX Prague was for 40 people.
I think we had 42 registered attendees.

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If you need to translate several things, I’m able to translate the website and other things into portuguese :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @sebilasse for the point

@rmateus would be perfect if you can take care of the portuguese translation, so we can do everything in portuguese too.

Do you want to open a PAD where we can work on documentation?

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Sure! That would be great!

Could this be the PAD: ?


Perfect! Maybe you could start translating some of the basic posts that have been done on the mastodon account? so we can rewrite them in Portuguese too?

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Just updated the pad with some posts and also the translation of the form :slight_smile: