Working group instructions :)

ForgeFed WORKING GROUP: People who do ActivityPub related work, or forge related work, or just have understanding and interest in the technology, and want to take an active part in the design of the spec.

Tasks: Biweekly review of open discussions and issues, and specification review before the release of each draft (we’re currently working towards the first draft) and before the release of a stable specification.

Responsibility: Spec content decisions about the ForgeFed vocabulary and protocol. No promises and no contracts required, just good intentions.


How do I join?

Sign up to this forum. Write a comment below and introduce yourself and related projects you have if any :slight_smile:

If biweekly review is too much and you’d like to do some lighter participation, we’re also starting a Community Group with monthly review rounds.

How do I participate?

There will be biweekly rounds of reviewing forum topics and open issues. They’ll be planned to be on Friday every 2 weeks. If you’d like to be more active, that’s very welcome of course :slight_smile: And if Fridays don’t work well for you, just come when you can. The timing of the next round will always be updated at the top of this post, and I’ll be writing comments as reminders before each round.

In addition to the forum and issue discussions, there’s real-time conversation on IRC (#peers on Freenode) and Matrix ( You’re welcome to join and discuss things with the rest of the group!

Preparation: Browse to the ForgeFed category, click the notification level button (square button next to the “+ New Topic” button) and set the notification level to Watching.

Participation via web: Review the new topics and comments in the ForgeFed category, share thoughts and insights in the comments. If you’re done with that and want to do more, you can take a look at the open issues, especially the ones that belong to the next open milestone.

Participation via email: In your email preferences, set the following:

  • “Send me an email when someone messages me”: Always
  • “Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic”: Always
  • “Include previous replies at the bottom of emails”: unless previously sent
  • “Include an excerpt of replied to post in emails”: no

You’ll receive an email for each new post and topic, and you can reply via email. Discourse sets the List-ID email header, you can use it for email filtering, to conveniently collect all ForgeFed email into a subfolder. You can also open new topics via email, by sending to talk+forgefed ÅT

Happy speccing :slight_smile:

I would be honoured to be a part. Unfortunately I can’t promise more time than I have dedicated to ForgeFed so far.

I find the current situation where we have federated social media but not federated social forge platforms highly annoying. GitHub maintains a grip on open source project contributors because social interactions can only be made within that silo. We need to break that silo and allow all the thousands of individual forges to communicate with each other, so that people can collaborate across not only instance but also platform boundaries. ForgeFed is the way that could happen.

Myself I have been working with federated platforms since approx 2011, starting with Diaspora. I was a core Diaspora team member for a few years and then a SocialWG invited expert, commenting on the ActivityPub spec.

I work on my own social network platform called Socialhome, which implements both Diaspora and ActivityPub protocols. I have plans to add ForgeFed support, with the most likely way of doing it by making Socialhome a federation proxy to GitLab repositories, so that one can have a federated identity for a GitLab repository through Socialhome (using API calls and webhooks). This would free time from actually building a forge but allow me to prototype with ForgeFed instead.